Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation Plans

Well, Delane and I finally made some of the arrangements for our trip to Cairns/Port Douglas. We are flying into Cairns and then driving North about 50K to Port Douglas. It's supposed to be an amazing little town with nice beaches. We'll stay at the Sheraton Mirage for 3 nights. Then we'll hope on a boat for a trip to the Outer Great Barrier Reef. We'll spend the day snorkling and relaxing, spend the night on the boat, then more relaxing and snorkling before returning to the mainland. Haven't worked out the last few days yet, but we are trying to find a nice place in the Daintree rainforest to stay.

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mama said...

What a fabulous vacation! I could be really jealous of this one. The Great Barrier Reef AND a rainforest - WOW!

All the running etc - well that's not for me - not unless you have a spare set of lungs, but THE GREAT BARRIER REEF! Sigh

Take lots of pictures. :)