Sunday, June 24, 2007

A very Australian weekend

Lots of fun this weekend! Friday night had us heading to a local pub for a few pints and some food and chips. We wondered down to a very popular Irish pub and split a pint and watched a bit of footy. End of the week made Jim sleepy and we were home and relaxing by 10.

Saturday was a blast! We had a nice leisurely breakfast then walked over the bridge to the grocery. Hopped the bus back with groceries and changed up for a run. The temp was warming up nicely and I broke a nice sweat. I finished my run at Observatory Hill (the highest point in Sydney overlooking the harbour and about 100 yards from my place). Delane was up on the hill doing a nice yoga session. Beautiful view, nice weather, yoga....perfect. We zipped home to shower and head to Sydney Olympic Park. We had footy (rugby) tickets for a match between the Sydney Swans and the Melbourne Magpies at Telstra stadium. The stadium is part of Olympic Park. We spent a couple hours exploring the park then hit the beer tent for some food and drink before the game.

We had great seats and watched our first Aussie Rules footy game. It was hyped all week as a huge match and we were expecting a good game and a rowdy crowd! It was much more laid back than we both expected....I guess I imagined a bunch of unruly drunks throwing stuff! Anyhow, the Aussie rules footy is a bunch different than Rugby league rules. In the case of this game, much less exciting. The Swans got CREAMED and played so poorly it made the game a bit less exciting. But the experience is not one to be missed. Really a great time.

We went to the Opera House on Sunday, but I think I'll leave that post to Delane....


Unknown said...

Soooo glad "D" is there now! You are finally talking and living like the inner Aussie that was inside of you. Funny how you expected angry people at a "footy" game, guess you are used to hosing UGA fans at football games?! Not everyone behaves like "Weagles"... beating up old Koreans at stop lights, hosing champion football fans, dirtying up QT bathrooms and blaming others... :)

Unknown said...

Man...the Korean story is getting more outrageous every day! :)

I guess I expected footy crowds to be like those crazy European soccer fans!