Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Caption Contest

Well, We had a grand time on Monday (a holiday here) hanging out at the Jazz Festival. The weather was excellent. We sat on the lawn and listened to a US Marine Jazz band for a bit and had some Barbeque. They had 5 different stages going, so after a bit we moved on to a smaller stage. This picture is the result of the visit to this smaller stage......the best "Caption" posted in the blog will get a treat from Australia when Delane returns! the challenge is out!
PS: More pictures posted to the right.
PPS: My sister is arriving Friday....wish her and friends safe travels.


Unknown said...

Hey!!! I am so glad you guys are having fun and the weather cleared for the Jazz festival. I have to say and you must pass along to Delane that I am dissapointed that she did not try the Emu pizza!! Remind her that she promised me she would try unique foods to the region, you know Criss will want to quiz both of you when you return! I hope you enjoy your visit with your sister! I have really enjoyed reading your updates, sorry I have not been able to respond before now. We will try to "talk" more often.
Criss & Jen

Unknown said...

"Ever just want to get away?...and down"


"Does your partner leave you hangin...and feeling like ass? away or it may be curtains for you"

That was fun, have a great weekend!

Trisha said...

Ok, so I consulted a caption expert, but I won't reveal my source...

"OK, so you're not into me........but you don't have to yell DRAPE!"


Hey!..............Hey!..............Ewe under the curtain! I'm talking to ewe!


IT'S CURTAINS FOR EWE! HA HA HA! HA HA HA! Thanks everyone. Make sure to tip your shepherd!