Saturday, June 16, 2007

Guests in town!

After having only 30 minutes to get off a flight from Charlotte to San Fran and on the plane to Sydney, Brooke and crew arrived yesterday morning minus 1 bag of luggage. Sharing some clothes, the gang wandered around town a bit and went to see the Dali Lama speak in a park. I joined them for a few minutes but then had to zip back to work.

The girls hit the aquarium in the afternoon and then we met back at the apartment for some happy hour pints and then some grub at an Italian place in "The Rocks".

The only bummer has been the rain.....still not as nice as we'd like. Friday rained on and off a good bit and today has been better up still rainy at times.
We spent a good deal of time roaming Darling Harbour. We went to Paddy's Market and the girls bought all kind of goodies. Paddy's Market is like a HUGE farmers market and flea market wrapped into one. Here is one soht of all of us and I also posted a link under pictures to the right with some other new photos. Hoping the weather turns nicer tomorrow so we can all go to the zoo!


Susan and Jim Bickelhaupt said...

Hi to Brooke and "the gang"! We hope that you enjoy your time with Jim & Delane.....See all you can; we are sure that your tour guides (Jim & Delane) will make yur visit very memorable.
Love, Dad & Susan

Susan and Jim Bickelhaupt said...

By the way Jim, GREAT pics...all the way around.

mama said...

WOW! Great pictures and it looks like ya'll are busy every minute. I can't wait to hear about the zoo - it's supposed to be gorgeous as well as world famous. And who better to visit the Sydney Zoo than 3 who work in the field of animals? Enjoy!

Lots of love to you all, :)