Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Couldn't talk her into EMU Pizza!

Delane and I got to share out first meal together in Sydney last night! We went to the "Australian Hotel" which is really just a typical Sydney Pub (I don't think you can actually stay there!). As much as I tried, I couldn't talk her into Barbeque Emu pizza! I bet Darryl Martin would have been all over it!

This is a very typical Sydney dinner out.....go to a local pub, grab a table outside, order at the bar, and have a pint and a light meal. Almost every restaurant/pub in town has outside seating.....often as much or more than inside seating. And it's getting a bit cool in the evening here, so they all have those propane heaters as well. Here is a picture of dinner....


Unknown said...

Wow...I love Barbeque Chicken pizza but something about that Emu that just scares me...looks too mean to eat (like an Ostrich)! Tell us more about they eat Kangaroo a lot? Those are two elements of the National Symbol, it's kind of funny that they "serve it up"! Glad "D" made it safely with your HUGE duffle in hand.

Watch your backs if you eat an Emu, bet only American tourists eat that and the locals follow you the rest of your stay as a result of it! Have fun...Bella's awaits your return.

Unknown said...

Man, why you gotta go mention Bellas and make me miss home! :) Emu is on the menus here, so I think it somewhat of a regular item. I actually had the Emu pizza a few nights earlier. Not bad!