Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rugby League, Aussie Rules, Rugby Union, State of Origin...Um... WHAT????

"Footy" anyone?
Well, last night Jim and I had our first Australian football experience. You all know how we are about our football so we figured we'd "give it a go" as they say around here. We went out the burbs and met a friend of Jim's from work. He is a local and invited us out to his "local" (ie, local pub) to watch the State of Origin Game between New South Whales and Queensland. Evidently this is somewhat of an Allstar game where all the best rugby players play with their home state team. They play three of these games a year and New South Whales has already lost the first two, ie. the series :( It was fun to watch and we learned a lot watching with a local and figuring out their rules and how it all works. We hear you all are getting a little rain at home recently which is GREAT. I know you need it! Weather is great here and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Brooke, April, and Tamara! We did just hear that their flight from Charlotte to San Francisco is delayed a couple hours so we are hoping they can hussle and make the connection from San Fran to here. Well, enough about us. Please email us and let us know how you all are and what' s going on back home. We miss you all lots. Take care!!!!!


mama said...

Hey there! Sounds like ya'll are having fun - going to a "local" and learing the facts from about rugby from a "local".

So did Brooke ever get her suitcase? (Apparently the suitcase couldn't run quite as fast as she did in San Francisco). Or is she still wearing her in flight clothes? Nice

Can't wait to hear about the Dali-Lama. That's a once in a life time experience. :)

Doke said...


Doke said...

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