Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jonquil City Jog 5K - The Gremlins Continue!

I remember laying in bed 6 years ago on a Saturday morning, tired from a late night out Friday. I had intended to get up and run the Jonquil City Jog 5K right up the street, but sleep called heavier than the race and I turned off the alarm and slipped back into a deep sleep.

8:00 am....I heard the bullhorn announcing the race then the gun firing......and the guilt sank in! I vowed to not skip a race within walking distance of my house ever again!

5 years later, the same result......a 2nd age group finish. While I am in no way displeased with finishing 2nd, the rub is this; They give Key Lime Pies to all AG winners. I've missed one 5 years in a row!

A couple years back, my bud Ron (the the 40-44 AG) finished a couple minutes back of me and got a pie....and I have yet to live it down!

The 2010 edition might have been my best shot! While I'm not in stellar short distance shape, a series of strong storms rolled in overnight and up until 6:30 am it was pretty nasty out. I thought this may keep a couple of the speedsters away and I might have a chance....

Race time approached and the roads were slick and heavy with rain. It was coming down lightly but the wind was kicking pretty good. I ran into a few ATC guys right before the race start and new my chances just took a turn for the worse! As always, they put on a great event here......good organization and a fairly fast course.

I ran well and after the first 1/4 mile didn't get passed and picked off 3-4 people along the way. Finished feeling strong in 8th place at 18:04....and 2nd AG! No pie again this year!

Life isn't all about pie (I probably wouldn't eat it anyhow).....but one day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet H20 Race Report

Love this photo........during SweetH20.....

My first time running SweetH20 this year. Johnny puts on a great event!

The Course:
Very pretty trails at Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithonia Georgia. Some nasty hills. Like many ultras, it to 50K (I swear it was 2 miles long!).