Monday, June 11, 2007

And the weather improves.......

Sunday started to get much nicer in Sydney. The clouds cleared and this blue thing called the sky was seen for the first time in days! :). Although it did drizzle a bit, it didn't stop Delane and I from taking a lovely walk along the "foreshore".....all the paths and parks along the water. There are two parks, the Royal Gardens and The Domain, that stretch for a long ways along the harbour starting near the Opera house. We started near the Opera House and walked 3-4k along the harbour. Stopped for a coffee and muffin once we reach "The Domain". There are these guys that stand on boxes in the park right by the cafe. They are the "Domain Philosophers" and stand there for hours talking about whatever, politics, religion, the environment. Pretty funny.

We had dinner out at Jackson's on George (local upscale pub) with a guy in town from Atlanta doing some work with me. Decent grub, good beer (and wine for Delane). A great end to an awesome days.

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Susan and Jim Bickelhaupt said...

Glad you two are enjoying yourselves "around town". Maybe Delane could become a "philosopher" while you are working! When is Brooke arriving? Enjoy her visit and have fun.
Love, Dad