Saturday, June 2, 2007


While I was out yesterday, I saw a street sign for a race today. It turns out it was just couple kilometers from home, so I got up today a jogged over for my first Aussie race.

It was the MS Run 8K. They have a 9K walk event that started at 10 AM as well. The site described the course as "hilly" understatement! Very tough course with 3 places where you had to run up stairs!

Many similarities to Atlanta races and a few differences. Race T-Shirts are NOT to norm for races. Seems only big events (marathon, half) has shirts printed. The race course was not targeted for smooth and safe as often is the case at home. We were popping up curbs, running up stairs, zipping through parks with dirt trails, the works. Of course there was the same type runners athletes, team racers, and a reasonable number of decent runners that seemed to know each other. The running community here is very strong.

I finished 30th (maybe 800 people). My time was nothing to celebrate....31:30 which translates to about a 39 minute 10K. I was happy enough given the very slow course. My legs have also been pretty dead from running and then LOTS of walking around town exploring.


Unknown said...

Not a boad time, especially with all of the considerations...I bet you would have been faster if that little Korean dude would have come to visit and chased you across the countryside :)

D is home with you soon, I know you are excited about that!

Dave said...

Sounds like one of those urban races where they give you clues and you have to get from point a to b on your own.