Friday, June 8, 2007

Did this weather come with D?

Sydney and the surrounding area has had about the worst weather they've seen in many years over the past 2-3 days! Poor Delane has been stuck not getting to explore much because of terrible storms. They've had flooding and several ships wash up on shore from the storms.

They have a 3 day Jazz festival right now the street at Darling Harour today through Monday (Monday is a public holiday here). We are hoping the weather lets up a bit so we can enjoy some music.

It's been awesome having Delane here. We've been out having a Toohey's at the local pub several nights and enjoying the time together.


Trisha said...

No way THAT weather came with Delane from the ATL - hasn't rained here for weeks until tonight!!!

Hey D - did you make those arrangements for me yet? Could've use it tonight!!!!

My love to you both and the emu!

mama said...

So sorry about all the horrible weather ya'll have been having! Let's just hope that by the time Brooke arrives, it will improve. I saw her today - we went to Katie Myers baby shower and she is sooooo excited about coming to see you.

I love you both. :)

Unknown said...

No, we haven't made the "arrangements" yet, but we are reviewing options. Might need a Swiss Bank account :).