Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well, Delane departs in just over 24 hours. I can tell it's gonna be a bit of a tough day.....what an awesome opportunity we've had to share this experience.

Calling all friends to keep a good eye out on her! Delane requires fairly consistent trips to Los Bravos, Bellas, and even Moes (with good friends) to keep her well fed and smiling. :)

BizCoach Ron; thanks for picking my sweets up......really means a ton to have her met after a long trip. A taxi wouldn't have been the same.

Sandra/Doug; Delane will be by with a truck soon to tow away all our mail! Don't know how to say thanks enough......

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Trisha said...

You know we will make sure Delane is busy when she returns...we are expecting her to spend a few nights at the Connor Inn in Buford this fall- it's a lot like Sydney - well, not really, but the owners love D!!!