Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weekend Fun!

We decided it was time for one more nice night out for Delane's last weekend. She departs Monday :(. So, Friday night was a light dinner and drinks at Opera Bar and then we saw Othello at the Opera House. Opera bar has to be about the best design and location of anywhere! Overlooks the Opera House and the harbour. And Friday night is PACKED. A fun evening!

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Unknown said...

Awesome last weekend with the "D"! So glad you had such a great "holiday" and thanks again for educating us lame homeland mates. Pack "D" well and we will take care of her until your return. The AU, TN, UGA smack talk is already brewing in the SouthEast and we hope to see you here for some of it. That place looks classy and so glad you two experienced it together.