Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back to reality!

We'll, Delane and I arrived back in Sydney late Friday night. It was a glorious 8 days of "Holiday" (nobody here uses vacation...they are on holiday). We knew it was going to be especially tough to come back as we kept hearing reports of record cold temps and rain. But Saturday in Sydney was an exceptional welcome back. Today so much reminded me of an Auburn Fall football weekend.......warm in the sun, a bit cool in the shade, and a light breeze! Oh how I'm ready to see some American football!

Caroline, Mom, and girls visited Atlanta this week and stayed at our house. Special thanks to Sandra and Doug for noticing activity and checking on things! I hope the house served you well and that you enjoyed the time in Atlanta. And Brooke and April are there now for a Braves game......oh I'm jealous of that too!

Vacation photos and updates forthcoming.....I've got about 350 photos and I need to sift through a bit to whittle them down to the good ones!


Trisha said...

I am thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful holiday. Can't wait to see THE REEF through your camera lens! We are gearing up for Delane's return, back to work, and OF COURSE SEC football here. Any chance we will get to drag Jim home in time for UGA-Auburn???

mama said...

I can't wait to see the pictures ya'll took on "holiday!"
Thanks so much for the use of your house. It was soooo much nicer than trying to stay in a motel with the three girls! We had a great time. Will tell you more about it later. Lots of love to you both. :)