Monday, July 9, 2007

Interesting Australian Language Differences

We all know the Australian "G'Day, Mate" and "Barbie" terms from the TV. However, there are many other interesting language differences that Delane and I have been collecting. Here is a summary of my favorites;

  • Grog = Beer or other spirits. One of my co-workers is "off the grog" meaning he's given up drinking for a few weeks.
  • Dodgie = Kind of like sketchy or questionable. Used very frequently in sentences like "the weather is looking a bit dodgie" or "that part of town is a bit dodgie". Almost always proceeded with "a bit" :)
  • Proper = good, or high quality. If you have a nice umbrella, someone may call it a "proper umbrella". Or, if you go to a nice restaurant, they may call it a "proper restaurant".
  • Middie, Schooner, Pint, Jug = you guessed it; draft beer sizes. A middie is slightly smaller than a 12 oz beer. Maybe 10 oz. A schooner is slightly larger than a standard beer. A jug is a mini-pitcher, at 3 schooners in volume
  • Runner = This is NOT what Jim and Delane do in the park on a nice day, but rather an oft-used term for dodging the bill or shoplifting.
  • Kiwi = The term used to describe someone from New Zealand.
  • Footy = football, but not American. This is short for Rugby. Used in ways such as "did you see the footy" and "I went to the footy"
  • Mate = Ok, i know this is a common one, but seriously; this is very often used as a term of almost endearment. People at work end pleasant conversations with "thanks mate".
  • Booking = Delane called a restaurant the other day to get us a "booking". I don't even know if they would understand "reservation"
  • Tomato Sauce = Fairly obvious, but; It is NOT ketchup here. It's tomato sauce. Asking for ketchup will get you blank stares.
  • Chips = Not Lays, but rather french fries. Very popular here....and good.

more to come.....


Courtney said...

Wish I could join you for some grogs :) It's neat to read up on all your adventures. I am sure you are bound to be homesick! It's neat, though, to see you making the most of this adventure! We miss you and are praying for you....

mama said...

Amazing isn't it how the English language can be spoken and interpreted in so many ways in so many countries? It certainly makes your experience in Sydney colorful and fun!

Thinking of you both with love. Looking forward to that vacation? :)

kylakae said...

To do a "runner" in the UK, is not just to shoplift or steal something. It can describe any situation in which someone runs off. For instance, something embarrassing happens and you turn to locate your mate and they've done a runner so as not to be seen with you. Heh. :)