Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time for fun!

Well, it's time to venture off on vacation, so no more posts from me for a week or so. We are off to Cairns/Port Douglas Australia tomorrow morning and back the following Friday (the 20th). Really gonna be a good time. We are even considering zipping off to the Blue Mountains after we get back on the 20th. The Blue Mountains is a huge area with what is supposed to be some amazing views, "bushwalks" (hikes), and wildlife. It's about a 2 hour drive or you can even catch a train.

On a seperate topic; The office here in Sydney started a ten week boot camp program with instructors to help people get in shape. The first session was last week and was only a bit of testing....body fat, weight, pushups in one minute (56 for me) and a short sprint around the Opera House to measure now verse after the program. The first "real" session was this Tuesday. I've done these sessions before in Atlanta, so I was somewhat prepared. I ran about 40 minutes before class started then showed up with my other 12 or so recruits for a 45 minute session. Let me just be honest when I say that walking was a serious challenge the next day! I is amazing how you can be in good running condition and then do something new (like tons of squats and lunges) and be laid out sore!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Steiger (on the 11th). Wishing you the best, sir.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the birthday wish my friend...not the same with a "Brilliant" friend moment but pretty darn good with the new wife!

I understand the lung and squat challenges...lunges are just one more way that my spouse kicks my tail and leaves me limping around and in pain the day after! And i used to think that was just for girls...wait a minute - maybe it is and that's our probelm?! Cheesy effort to make an excuse for me being weak too. Good job on the pushups and more importantly getting a great vacation in during the middle of this work vacation! Have a blast :)