Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live Earth Show

Interesting thing we've notice around town; Many of the ticketed events in Sydney have public transportation included in the ticket can take trains, ferries, and buses for free to and from the events. Interesting concept; they make it almost too good to pass up to take public transport instead of driving.

We spent most of Saturday at Aussie Stadium watching the Live Earth Sydney Concert. The show started around 11:30 AM and was 10 or so musicians concluding with Crowded House around 8:30. We figured that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.....getting to see the first of 8 concerts globally to support the environment.

All and all, an unbelievable show. There were maybe two bands that Delane and I both thought not really to our liking. Otherwise it was amazing! Crowded House closed the show. This is the first concert they have performed since ending their career in front of the Opera House in 1996 with everyone says was an unbelievable show.

Even though we just sat and listened, we were both wiped out by the time we got back around 9:30.....and were in bed by 10. A full day of music will wear you out! :)

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