Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You never can tell what you are getting into!

Who is this Penguin? And is he playing pool? You never can tell what you'll find yourself doing on a random Wednesday night! Coca Cola South Pacific IT and Office Services groups were due up in the monthly rotation to provide dinner and entertainment for the Ronald McDonald house last night! There are about 50-60 people that rotate through the house while a family member is being treated for illness at the attached hospital. So, about 9 of us headed over Wednesday afternoon to create a home made dinner feast and provide a bit of entertainment and time away from the constient pressure these families must feel.

We had TONS of food….I was in charge of Mashed Potatoes. Never thought I'd peel, cook, and mash so many potatoes in my life! They bought 20 kilo of potatoes, or 44 pounds! It took like an hour and a half just to peel them all! But the mash was excellent, if I must say. It's a specialty of mine!

I went Tuesday and rented the costume below. I was really cool seeing all the excitement in the room as I waddled along playing with the kids. A really fun group time. Several of us even managed enough energy to go for a pint or two after we finished up. It wasn't all work....I even found a few minutes to play some pool! :)


Trisha said...

Jim, you make this elementary school teacher proud!!! You know, we just might need a six foot penguin at Megan's b-day party this winter! HA! Speaking of birthdays...

mama said...

Yes, speaking of upcoming birthdays.... We'll miss you, but it sounds like De fixed lots of goodies for you. Love you. :)

Unknown said...

Trisha....We'll kinda have the same Birthday for 14 hours this year. Pretty cool, eh? I'm gonna be sad not being with my friends and family. A mate from work is gonna take me out to help me take my mind off missing you guys :(.

Unknown said...


We all miss you and will have to make it up to you next year when you are back in the states!

It's not what is happening in your life that is important, but what you do with it! You are doing the right thing and we are all beside you sir!