Monday, August 6, 2007

Not much new lately…..

Have you noticed that the posts have dropped in quality recently (if there ever was any!)? I figure that with delane gone, it's just back to the normal grind of working.

Anyhow: I'm in Manila. Came in later Saturday. Arrived at the hotel around 10:00PM Sydney time (8PM here) and was STARVING! I'd eaten a meal on the plane around 1 but nothing since (not that I should have burned more than two calories after sitting on a plane for 8 hours!). Anyhow, so I drop my bags and walk out the door to……Outback Steakhouse. It struck me as very ironic that I came all the way to Manila, from Australia, to eat at Outback Steakhouse! Ended up meeting a few work folks at the lounge later that night and had a few drinks.

Sunday I roamed the markets and other areas around downtown Makati (the district I'm staying in). Nice, but very crowded all the time. There are just tons of people here. Met with the boss around the hotel pool and talked over some business and pleasure later in the day. About 10 of us met later for drinks and then a nice dinner out at a traditional Filipino restaurant. Good food….alot of Chinese type dishes but with some Korean and Japanese influence. A decent quality place and the bill for 10 of us was 5500 pesos, with tip. That's like 60 bucks. And there was plenty of beer included in that total. Food is crazy cheap here.

We had a LONG day of meetings today. We started at 7:45AM and finished the day at 8:00PM! Good stuff, but a long day. I really am lucky to be here with these very senior Coke leaders.

All for now……take care. Email me and let me know how you all are.


Trisha said...

Hey Jim! I got to see your wife on Saturday. It was wonderful to catch up and get to see her smiles as she shared stories of your adventure. Is there any chance we can view some of the upcoming marathon from back here in the good old USA?

Unknown said...

Schmoozing sounds are heard all the way over to the states! Keep it up and you will have a coke machine at your house soon, with a restocking program that is out of this world!

Have a great time, this is a chance in a lifetime! BE who you have to be to DO what you have to do and you will HAVE what you want to have out of this venture!

We took D to Atkins today and enjoyed the UGA and AU penants in the bar area (no UT of course) me there was smack going on and it was all in good fun and D had a big smile as AU has faired very well in the Atkins Smyrna signage and continues to even in the house of LSU Tigers (yuck).

mama said...

Hey son! It sounds like a busy week all around. I talked to Delane last night and she said that it's still kind of up in the air about when you will be getting back. De sounded well -she's back at school and settling in nicely. That'll be me next week - yuck - not ready for summer vacation to be over. Speaking of summer - it's been over 100 every day this week. Indoor time for me. Humidity and heat together are killers! :)