Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Upcoming Travels

Time for a business trip! I was lucky to not have to travel while Delane was visiting, but now it's time to pay the price. I'm off to Manila, Philippines on Saturday for a week. In terms of Australia, it's a reasonable flight time....about 8 hours. There are about 20 people from the US, Eurasia, and Pacific coming in for business planning meetings. We've got a full week....starting early Monday and finishing up mid-day Friday. Should be a good work trip, but I am dreading the environment......running there is very difficult (pollution, heat, roads, traffic, etc). I may be Mr. Treadmill for a week!
I'm arriving Saturday evening so I can meet with my Pacific boss on Sunday. I should get a better idea how long I'll be in Australia after our discussions. My visa expires Nov. 30 and my apartment lease is up Nov 17, so I suspect that is the long end of my potential stay.
I had a bit of a difficult time making sure I could be back by Saturday evening. I wanted to make sure I was back and well rested by Sunday morning for the big City to Surf race here in Sydney. Ended up having to fly through Singapore on the way back. One of these days I'll actually stop for more than 2 hours in Singapore...I hear it's a nice place.


mama said...

Sounds like you have a really full week in Manila. I know you hate running on a treadmill, but it sounds like that's the safest bet for running while you're there. I'd like to hear more about the race on Sunday. Is it called Sydney to the Sea? Love you, :)

mama said...

Oops , sorry - make that City to Surf! :)

Unknown said...

Treadmill that's what I'm talking about. Good luck in your upcoming race. I'm looking for big things out of you.

I'm focusing on GP Finale 5K, in an effort to keep my streak of running only the first and last race of the season alive.

Unknown said...

Mr Brian! I am impressed at your dedication to the streak! :) Your pop still showing up?

Mom; Yup; City to Surf. 14K. Finishes at Bondi Beach. The company is supposed to be having a nice event afterwards with food and drink!

DelaneB said...

I am so excited about your race and SO jealous! That is going to be such a cool event and you know Coke will go all out for the after party. I know you will be glad to be back "home" from your Manilla travels. Good luck and ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU TONS!!!!!