Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back to my temporary home

Thanks to all that are keeping such a good eye out on my wonderful wife! It is great to have such awesome friends.

I got back to Sydney Saturday morning. I left Manila at 6:30PM Friday, flew to Singapore, then an overnight flight to Australia. I could have waited a day and take a direct flight, but my butt was ready to get back to be well rested for the City to Surf race on Sunday! It was amazing....I popped out of the airport about 10:15 and it was 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! A very nice welcome back to my temporary home.

Talked over my return with the boss and others. Apparently I can only stay physically in Australia for 180 days or there are tax issues. So, subtracting out time in Korea and Manila, my current drop dead return date (assuming no further travels) is November 17. There is some discussion about me heading back to the States for 2-3 weeks and then coming back for a while longer. Still fairly up in the air. But I am going to start the process of finding a replacement with our HR group in the next week or so.

Two people in our Manila group got sick with some sort of intestinal ailment.....and I'm not 100% perfect either. I was very careful not to drink the water, but there are other risks I guess.

Happy (almost) birthday to my Mom! I love you, Mom.

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mama said...

Thank you son for the birthday wishes. It was a wonderful day - the only thing that could have made it better, would have been for you and De to be here. I love you too son. You are very special to me. :)