Saturday, August 25, 2007

Australian Football (Soccer)

Friday it was time to see a "football" game in Sydney! They have a new league that started up 4 years ago, A-League Football, and last night was the first game of the season. I hooked up with my mate Dave from work and some other fellas at Forresters Hotel for a few rounds pre-game. It started pouring rain while we were getting our drink on and it forced us to delay departure a bit and have another round awaiting some rain relief! J We hussled up to the SFG (Sydney Football Grounds) and settled into the "Cove". This is the area of the stadium reserved for season ticket holders…aka the serious fans. Several more rounds were consumed while we watched an excellent first match. Sydney ended up losing 1 to nil but it was still a super time.

If any of you remember, Delane and I were a tad surprised that the Rugby fans were not more out of hand. Well, I think I found the wilder fans! The throwing of beer after an exciting play is an acceptable practice (although it still pains me to see beer going to waste like that!). People were literally saving small amounts of beer in the bottom of their plastic cups so they'd have something to throw!

I went to the Blue Mountains today….an excellent trip. Will post some details and pics soon.

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Unknown said...

Too funny...the positive and the negative to this is:

(Positive +) - they were not wasting "good beer" just the backwash!

(Negative -) - what you were wearing on the ride home was their "backwash".

Cheers mate, sounds like a good ole SEC rivalry all the sudden. Turn the hoses on the next time Mr. Weagle!