Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thank you!

Definitely not the same not being with my friends and family on my Birthday, but I so very much appreciate all the cards, gifts, emails, and post comments all the way across the world. It is days like today you realize what is important….friends and family. I feel very blessed to have such good "mates". Can't wait to be home sharing fun and fellowship with each of you.

So D and my family arranged, as usual, to provide WAY too many gifts! Just finished opening;

  1. Picture Frame and about 10 photos from Delane's and my vacation
  2. A cool jacket
  3. Australia T-Shirt from Queensland
  4. Yoga Mat (now I have no more excuses!)
  5. Alarm Clock (been setting my Blackberry Alarm every day until now)
  6. A new backpack
  7. Espresso book (I'm gonna buy an espresso maker when I get home!)
  8. A couple "VB" glasses. VB is Victoria Bitter, one of the popular local beers.

Check out all the stuff. Too much! The café across the street that I frequent for Coffee and Carrot Cake even gave me a massive slice on the house!


mama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON! I love you so much. 37 years ago right now, you were just a tiny adorable little baby - a few minutes old and still not used to the lights and noise. It truly doesn't seem like very long ago. :)

Caro said...

Happy Eastern-time birthday! Loved chatting with you and D today. We love you- and the kids send extra love to Uncle Jim! :)

DelaneB said...

HI honey,
So glad you had a good birthday yesterday! You deserve every bit of it and more!! We miss you tons and love you! Enjoy your "east coast/US birthday as well :)