Thursday, September 27, 2007

Footy Show!

They had a drawing at work this week for some free tickets. I put in for the Kelly Clarkson concert and a live taping of "The Footy Show". We'll, I got the passes to see Kelly but missed out on the Footy Show tickets. Kinda bummed until a girl in the office swung by and said she had no interest in her tickets and I was welcome to them.

The Footy Show is basically a mix between ESPN Sports Center, Entertainment Tonight, and Idol all rolled in to one! I watch it most weeks on the TV and was pumped to go. And since the National Rugby League finals are this weekend, this was the "Grand Finale" show for them. A live taping....2.5 hours. Just to make it a bit better, Daughtry (as in Chris, the Idol winner) was playing during the live taping!

Show didn't start till 9:30, but you had to be there at 9 to get settled in for the taping. Really cool seeing a live broadcast, and good entertainment too! They had one little skit where two of the guys that have been competing against each other in events on the show all season had their grand final event. They had been doing little competitions all season and were tied 8-8. They started this little course through the audience, drinking hot-peppered milk, putting on costumes, riding Segaway scooters through the aisles, etc. They got to one little station that I couldn't see very well and one of the guys never came back out. Kept wondering what happened to him. Next commercial break they get him back up on stage. Turns out the station had them eating bananas with Wasabi....and he got Wasabi in his eye! OUCH!

Fun night.....good hearing Daughtry and another big Aussie singer Jimmy Barnes. Got home way late for a work night....1 AM. All good fun.

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Unknown said...

You are living the full monty Jim!

Congrats on that and keep taking it all in...Ana is going to see Kelly Clarkston at Gwinette Civic Center soon so maybe you two can share favorite song experiences (LOL)