Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Visit Home!

I found a slight gap in my schedule in Australia and decided to make a trip to the States! I didn't post prior to going because my sister and I decided it'd be a good opportunity to surprise my mom. My niece's birthday was this past Sunday, so I flew into Charlotte NC on Saturday night (made it just in time to catch the second have of the Auburn game!). My sister had talked my mom into coming up from South Carolina Sunday morning for my niece Grayson's birthday. It was PRICELESS seeing my mom's reaction! She was, to say the least, surprised! She's been so supportive of me while I've been gone (as have all my friends and family) and it was SUCH a pleasure to get to see them and spend time with my niece on her birthday.

I met up with Delane on Monday morning. She was up at the lake in NC and my mom dropped me in Spartanburg to meet her. We met a a McDonalds, enjoyed a drink with my mom, then Delane and I walked outside for the drive back to Atlanta to find our car with a flat tire! Classic! So we spent a few extra hours in Spartanburg before driving down Atlanta way.

It was so good to get to spend Labor day over at my friend Ron's house......catching up with friends, a barbecue, good times..........

Can't say how nice it is to be home and spending time with Delane and friends. I hope I have the opportunity to catch up with everyone while I'm here. I head back on the 15th.........

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