Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sydney Marathon

So, the Sydney Marathon is this weekend. I'll be honest and say I was VERY tempted to switch races to the half when I went to pick up my number yesterday! I'm just not in my best marathon shape....actually not really even in marathon shape at all! I'm really just hoping I can go out and enjoy my first international marathon!

It doesn't appear there is live race tracking, but I'm not sure. It is a "chip" event, so maybe they will be posting splits (or at least timely results after the race). The marathon starts Sunday at 7:15 AM with is Saturday at 5:15 PM in Atlanta. Here is the website: http://www.runthebridge.com.au.

It should be an interesting run. It starts about a mile from my apartment on the north side of the harbor bridge and finishes at the Opera House. The post-race festivities are in Delane's favorite spot in Sydney....the Royal Gardens!

I'll be sure to post some post-race info. Wish me luck!


Dad said...

Hi Son,

Good Luck on the marathon this weekend!

I have been following your activities through your blog for the entire time you have been gone...you have certainly taken advantage of the opportunities. It sounds like you and Delane had a great time for the "summer" and that your trip home was wonderful.

Have a great race (I will watch the website). Email when you can.

Love, Dad

Unknown said...


It was great to see you brother...time does not change so many things, others it totally redefines. Great friendships never change! You do NOT need luck, but you have our prayers and best wishes and yes we will be looking forward to your next, more permanent return. Dawgs suffering too, we should all get out of the SEC country this year in shame (LOL)!

Cheers mate,