Saturday, May 12, 2007

On my way...........

Well, I departed Atlanta this morning and am in Los Angeles awaiting my flight to Tokyo and then on to Manila. Will have to admit there were a few tears shed....tough to think of all I am leaving behind. The Northwest Elite lounge at LAX leaves something to be desired. I am enjoying a Bud, as it may be my last for quite some time!

Miss all of you already. A special congrats to my sister and brother-in-law on a healthy (although not real hungry) new daughter. Uncle Jim will be looking forward to seeing her soon. Another special congrats to my great friend Ron and his beautiful soon to be wife Sonya. Brother, sorry I can't be with you, but you two are in my thoughts. Best of luck starting your new life together.

Mom........I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Happy Mothers Day!


Dad said...

Wishing you a safe trip and a wonderful experience. Know that we wish you well and remember to smell a few roses while you are there. We will keep in touch with Delane and listen to how excited she will be when she gets to join you in Austrailia.

Happy Trails, Dad

Trisha said...

We are very excited to live through you via this blog over the next few months...Jim's Excellent Adventure???

Keith, Trisha, and Megan

Unknown said...

Brother...we are already missing you and will certainly miss you at the wedding! Looks like all that whining about having to travel for work is exposed via some nice digs! You are going to have the time of a life, and starting the career you always wanted.

Cheers are Spot On!
~Ron and Sonya

Unknown said...

Jim! I just saw this information. It seems that so much can change when you don't talk to someone in 12-18 months....

Have a great trip, as well as Delane in Australia. I look forward to keeping up with your activities over the next few months.


ps. Dawn is threatening me that we will be over in New Zealand visiting Michelle Swenson sometime in early 2008. So, if you get extended, perhaps you can show us around the Australian island.

Unknown said...

Jim, DUDE!!!!!! You've only been gone HOW long and it seems like an eternity. Can only imagine how Delane is feeling. Hope you are having the time of your life and we are thinking of you here. Missed you at the wedding but you were definitley in our thoughts. We are currently in the ATL crown room on our way to Cabo San Lucas. Several beers down, so please excuse the type-os.

Take care and stay in touch!!

Sonya and Ron