Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Update: Ok, I fixed the picture links.....sorry! Well, I made it to Sydney. I arrived at 5:15 AM this morning and the fog was so thick you couldn't see 50 feet. Apparently my plane was one of two that landed this morning. The rest were diverted to Melbourne....that would have not made me happy! Some of the pictures show the fog. It's all clear now.

I got a bit settled then laced up my running shoes to tour the town a bit. While today's run wasn't grand (not much sleep for the past week and an overnight flight), this place has all the ingredients of a killer running location! I jogged by the Opera House and the Royal gardens. Very nice a scenic.

Got picture happy and took a few photos first thing. Check them out on the right under the picture link.....more to come.....this place is a photographers DREAM!


usatlsmyers said...

G'day, mate! I want to see the pix, but your link to 'em, I think, leaves off the "authkey=..." part, so I only get a 404. :-(

Enjoy your weekend!

Caro said...

yea, fix the link! Glad you're "home"- now catch up on your sleep! Your newest niece says "hello"- as do your other two. Love ya!

Unknown said...

Jimbo...Awesome on the travels mate! Make sure to have a vegemite sandwich - I tried it on a bagel last year and it was good. Very excited for you and look forward to more pictures later. Work hard, have fun, and run long. We'll be missing you this weekend for sure! For a breather I am flyfishing tomorrow at our local spot...darn you're not here!

Matt said...

Glad to hear you've reached your destination. I'm sure there are many great photo opportunities. We're still very jealous that a trek over there is unlikely for us... Just do it all again next year and we're there!
All the girls send their love -

Courtney said...

Hey Jim..thanks for posting on the the pics and it sounds so exciting...and its beautiful! I so wish I had the vacation and the money to come over this summer....have fun!