Saturday, May 19, 2007

First Weekend

We'll, I've had my first weekend in town. I spent much of Saturday exploring town. I went for a morning run starting from Observatory Park (the highest point in Sydney and about 100 yards from my apartment). I ran around Harling Harbor and then across the Sydney Harbor brigde and explored the North Shore a bit. Finished up in the Royal Garden park after coming back across the bridge.

Later, I went down to Paddy's Market.....a sort of anything-you-want flea market with a great selection of fruits and veges at good prices. I explored Chinatown and some of the other areas around Darling Harbor.....a really neat area.

Sunday morning I was up early to run. Left at 6 and ran some of the Sydney Half Marathon course. I got a quick cup of coffee (these people LOVE their coffee) and then went right out the back door of my apartment to watch the start of the Half Marathon. It was sold out or I'd have run. 5,000 people were registered.

I'm checking the ferry schedule now....might head over to Manly Beach area to tour.

A special congrats to Ron and Sonya, who got married on Saturday. Brother, I missed being there but you were in my thoughts.


Unknown said...

it's so funny, bc the time is so different, and you are talking abou the weekend being over. Sunday has barely begun here! Glad you are finding your way around and enjoying the scenery. We are trying to book something this week to come over and visit- and tamara may come too, if that's cool. just have to pull the money out of our asses. :) love,

Unknown said...

Love to have you guys! The place ain't big, but I'll share everything I have! Plenty of floor space and I can promise that it's about the BEST location you could ask for to be near Sydney.