Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dinner out and a big day!

Went out last night with some people at work to a "business" dinner. It was good to socialize out a bit. A very nice restaurant. This city really does have a very wide variety of different food options.

One of the guys from work lives right next door. He and his wife and no kids, so they should be great for Delane and I to hang out with a bit. Looking forward to her arrival. Happy almost Birthday to Delane.....May 27th! I'm hoping that you have a WONDERFUL birthday darling and know that you are in my thoughts.

Not much else to say. Work is going well and I'm busy already but settling in a bit already. I'm off to Seoul on Sunday for 5 days. I'm looking forward to seeing Korea.

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Susan and Jim Bickelhaupt said...

Just sent your lovely wife a Happy Birthday wish....and an invite to come stay with us when she returns from the glorious time we are sure that you will have planned for her "summer....or winter" as the case is).

We also want to tell you how proud we are of your accomplishments. This is a chance of a lifetime and you certainly deserve it. We know that you will smell every rose that you can.....and probably have a few for Delane to smell too.

I am sure you will find a marathon or two......sorry you missed the half! I will never forget the 2000 Boston Marathon and the great time we all had. You were living my dream and you exceeded what I could have ever done. I will never forget that weekend.

Love to you,

Dad & Susan