Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back from Korea

Ah, yet another wondering overnight flight! Left Seoul at 7:25 PM last night and got into Sydney around 7:00 AM this morning (1 hour time change only). I am terrible about sleeping on the plane.....I just can't make myself fall asleep! I got home and grabbed a short nap but it's tough to sleep during the day. It's Friday, so I can rest up over the weekend!

Korea was interesting. I didn't get a ton of time to sight-see, but 4 of us (foreigners) from work strolled the markets and malls on Wednesday. It is amazing how many people are in that city! The streets are jammed packed with booths selling almost anything imaginable and tons of people browsing. Plenty of good deals to be had, but in some of the markets you'd be very concerned about the quality. They actually had the Spiderman 3 DVD (it just came out a week or two ago in the theaters) for 2,000 wan (about $2.20 US). Gray market goods and fakes are a way of life.

I posted a link to the right of a bunch of pictures. Some pretty nice views of some markets. The park pictures are where I ran everyday. And the other people in the photos are my coworkers that were in town as well.


DelaneB said...

Ok, the countdown is on..... I am heading to you in only three days!!!! Yeah!!!!

Unknown said...

Bummer, i was looking for a picture of you beating some crazy korean with your running shoes right before being booked for walking around barefoot! Good pics none the less. We'll see D Sunday and send her off well...carry on my wayward son!

Unknown said...

Mr. Ron: No violent acts in Korea...I suspect that they may put you 6 feet under the jail!

D...Your plane lands in 3 days and 8 hours. WOO HOO!