Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mass confusion

Ok, I calculate that by tomorrow morning I will have spent some period of time in 6 different timezones in a span of 5 days! This is my favorite new site:

I'm in Singapore....2 hours and I depart for my new (temporary) home.

Manila is an interesting place......Out in the city, things are so cheap I almost feel guilty. I ordered food delivered to the office on Monday.....nothing special (Chinese) but 2 meals DELIVERED was a grand total of US $4. And a good tip to the taxi guy or bell-boy is 20 pesos.....about 50 cents! Just like anywhere else, the hotel charges US $20 for breakfast. Go figure!

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Unknown said...

that's awesome! you need to stockpile goods while you are there- but i guess food doesn't so much store well, huh? let us know how your new digs are once you arrive in sydney! they look awesome!