Monday, May 21, 2007

First Day of Work

Well, back to reality! I spent the first full day in the office today. A good group of people and it seems as though I will fit in well. Had lunch with the IT group today and several meetings with my business clients.

I've brought home a test wireless setup from the office. This place is funny....High Speed access is NEVER unlimited in bandwidth. When you buy, you buy GB download per month, like 8 GB or 20 GB. You can get DSL or Cable, but they also have this city-wide wireless setup. The office had one, so I brought it home to test. I'm getting 200K download, which ain't great, but better than dial-up. We'll see.

I had a great day Sunday. Took my first mass-transit trip and headed about 10K away to Bondi Beach. A nice place with a 6K walk along the ocean. It was a beautiful day and I made it there and back with no transit snafus! :)

The running is great so far. Plenty of great parks everywhere to run around. I'm back on my normal schedule of 8 or so miles. People seem to work more like 9-5 here, so I might have to turn into a morning runner! It gets dark at like 5:30 so evening runs will be in the dark for sure.

I posted some new pics. Check them out on the right.


Trisha said...

I am enjoying the blog, Jim! Keep the info and pics coming. We had the pleasure of Delane's company yesterday - it was great to catch up, but we missed you (especially when we were moving a rather large, VERY heavy swing set - ask D about her workout!)

Take Care!

DelaneB said...

Hey Honey,
Thanks for posting all of this! You are doing great keeping us posted and the blog updated. The pictures are wonderful and I CAN'T wait to be there with you!!!! Love D :)