Friday, October 12, 2007

Moth Invasion!

I was walking to the football game last weekend and was attacked! Ok, the attacker(s) were rather small......rather large moths, actually. But when there are billions flying around and a few dozen decide to dive-bomb you, it is a bit shocking! I got knocked in the head a few times, usually while walking near a light.

Apparently, the westerly winds have blown the moths that normally migrate more over the ocean right over Sydney. Happens every year, but this is the worst on record. They were, seriously, EVERYWHERE earlier this week. I work up one morning and the glass doors to my porch were almost covered with moths! They creep into building and offices as well. They somehow made it to floor 6 in the office as well. I actually saw a few riding the elevator....think they pushed the button themselves? :)

Article on the moths:,22049,22552036-5006009,00.html

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Unknown said...

You seem about fit for an honorable discharge at this point! Time to pack it up buddy, you are "done"...