Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beach, Sports, and Music all in one day!

One of the projects I've been working on for almost the entire time I have been in Australia, a phone and voicemail replacement for the Australia and New Zealand Offices, goes live Monday! It has been an extremely long week, but we wrapped up things Friday night around 8:30PM and so far things seem smooth. I'm off to Auckland on Tuesday to do finish up the same effort in their offices.

After a few celebratory pints Friday night, I was home and sleeping like a baby after a few nights of less that optimal sleep. Saturday was to be stellar weather, so I got up nice and early to head out for a run. After a bit of breakfast, I ended up heading to Manly Beach with a work colleague from out of town. He wanted to see a bit and it seemed like a fun thing to do on a nice day! Walked around the North Head of Sydney Harbour from Manly and soaked up the sun and breeze.

I headed back around 4 and then zipped down to The Rose (pub) for some brews before the Sydney FC football game. 4 of us hopped in a cab and zipped of to see a head-breaking 1-0 loss by Sydney. They had many opportunities to score goals and just couldn't take advantage. Normally, the gang goes out after the game (started at 7 and the games are almost exactly 100 minutes….45 minute halves, 10 minute halftime, and no time breaks during the game) but everyone was calling it a night. I looked at my watch and realized that I could probably still make the Linkin Park concert. I had free tickets from work. So I hussled about 5K down to the entertainment center and walked in literally as they were taking the stage! Stayed for about an hour and a half and then zipped home. A great show….a little hard for me, but I was pretty impressed at the energy and the crowd was totally into it.


mama said...

Hey there. It sounds like you had another fun-filled Saturday. Sorry about the Sydney loss - it sounds a bit like what's happening here in football. The SEC is beating itself up as usual. Kentucky lost to Univ. of Fla. today.
Good luck on your trip to New Zealand - travel safely, and remember ILY. :)

Unknown said...

Well done will sleep well on the plane on the way home and weeks afterwards if you keep up that finishing pace of maximizing your trip experience! FYI, if you have not heard, SEC fans are experiencing an increase in mental health insurance and therefore the ACC is recruiting our fans. Might as well be a footie fan with that thought in mind :)

Travel well mate, cant wait to see you!