Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A minor setback.....

Well, they have told me I need to go back to Australia.....kidding. Rather, I was presented with a flight cancellation! :(. I went to the airport at 8:30PM for a 10:30 flight from Manila. 5 minutes after I check in I get a "the flight has been delayed till midnight". No drama....I'll still have time to make my San Fran flight if there are no further delays. At 11:00 PM they cancel the flight until NOON Wednesday!. So, while people are yelling, I call the US travel folks and get a flight booked via Tokyo then direct to Atlanta at 7:55 AM. So, I spent 45 minutes retrieving my baggage, have the hotel send a car, check in at 12:15 AM, sleep till 5:15 AM then catch another car to the airport...AGAIN! Sitting here PRAYING that this one leaves or I'm gonna start swimming!

I'm in Wednesday 2:50 PM........still plenty of time to ramp up my appetite for Turkey!

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Trisha said...

AW MAN!!! I was just sending Delane a text about how great it is that you are home. Get your tail back in ATL and hug your wife!!! :-)