Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ok, something struck me as funny today; It was the company Christmas event for the entire family today. They have a fancy party this next weekend for the adults, but they put on a nice event at the Zoo today for the entire family.

I laced up and ran the 12K to the zoo and met up with Rob (from work) and his family. Good food, stunning views, and some great animals! We were walking back by the area where Coca-Cola had the tables and food and such and what did I see; Santa Claus! Now this only struck me as funny because it's summer time and it was 80 degrees out! I bet it is strange to wake up Christmas morning and go to the beach instead of checking to see if you got any snow.


Unknown said...

And i thought "we" Americans started Christmas early. Especially with Santa giving we UGA fans a couple of big wins this last 3 weeks (Sorry AU fans...not really).

Christmas is in the Starbucks already and even at the Club that i work out at! Let's have some fun this season and be really thankful for all that we have and in some cases a lot of the things we don't have.

Did you have any New Zealand Lobster over there? I hear it is as good as Maine lobster but that seems hard to believe. Ever see an Australian Shephard bark (Australians supposedly have never heard of that breed of dog). That's your remaining homework from my wish list...sorry for the late notice but certainly you must be bored with the Rose pub by now ...NOT!

Thanks for sharing your great adventure with us, we have all learned and lessened your absense as a result - Cheers Mate!

Trisha said...

Well, now we know why you didn't make it back in town for the UGA-AU game! It's okay, Jim. The game is over, you can come home now!

Seriously, thanks for keeping the blog going. I have truly enjoyed peeking in on your travel notes. Looking forward to hearing some stories first hand when you get back!