Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A couple final flights........

HOO WOO! Headed home! I'm sitting here in the Manila airport waiting to catch my flight to San Fransisco! The travel has started out with a sour note, given that I was set to leave at 10:30 and we have been delayed (annouced right as I checked in) by a couple hours. I originally had 4 hours or so in San Fran between flights, so pending no further delays I should be ok with 2 hours to clear customs. I don't want to rush them, as the plane is "undergoing further maintenance checks"!

It was a stellar last day in the Manila office today. Really felt good to see people actually sorry to see me go. There is such a good group of people in the Pacific region and I am blessed to have shared time with them over the past 6 months.

It looks to be shaping up as a stellar return.....Wednesday with Delane, Thursday off to Birmingham to stuff my face, Friday watching my nephew play football, then the Auburn/Alabama game Saturday. Not a bad way to start my return!

I am sure I will have a few other items to add to the blog....I've got tons of pictures and such that I never got around to posting.....but this may be my last during my assignment. For all those that actually read this site, checked on my wife, and otherwise lended support to us; Please know I very much appreciate it.

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Unknown said...

Jim we are so glad you are coming home! I hate it we will not see you when you are in Birmingham. It always seems we are headed to North Georgia when yall are headed here. Maybe we can stop and meet on the way home like we did with Delane last time. We would love to see both of you! Have a safe trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Criss & Jen