Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mountain Mist 50K

A bucket full of rookie mistake..........that probably sums up my first Mountain Mist 50K. Let's see what I didn't do:

1) Didn't research the course (or ask any of my many friends for details)
2) Went out with some guys WAY out of my league
3) Was too cold to drink, so I didn't
4) Actually TRAIN with a focus on a 50K

....kinda figured I knew this distance, but this is a big league race with some seriously strong runners and some seriously difficult terrain.

I really wanted to go up and get settled the night before, so Joel Tapley and I rode up Friday afternoon and reported to the Lodge in Monte Sano State Park for packet pickup. The GPS gave us a few bad turns, but right when we thought it we were there, there are barracades across the road.......with 2 miles to go. We both knew the alternate route would be a long drive around the mountain, so after sitting there dead-stopped in the middle of the road for like 2 minutes, Joel throws it in drive and we weave around the blockade. It didn't take long to figure out why it was there.......they had gotten some snow and ice the night before and the back entrance was totally iced over! It was an interesting 2 miles, but we made it up.......

Was pretty happy to see the logistics......the Lodge was a beautiful place and I could tell it'd be nice to hang out there nice and warm before the race started

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