Saturday, November 14, 2009

Warrior Way 5K

I have to admit a little bias towards this race, as my good friend Dave is the head coach at N. Cobb High Xcountry and puts on the race......

Delane and I headed up for the race that starts at N. Cobb High. Perfect day for running.....45 degrees, not a drop of wind, and a clear sky. The course is pretty simple.......started on the road in front of the school, straight down Old 41 to Swift Cantrell Park, a quick loop through the park, back down Old 41 to a quick right into the parking lot and then finishes on the track.

The first mile is pretty tough....after a short stretch of flat it's a long climb up to the top of a hill that crests right before mile 1. Then there is a nice recovery down to the park. The loop in the park is short but a nice change and you can really work your way past people that are relaxing on this part. After exiting the park, there is a short but tough grind back up a hill to the 2 mile mark. The last mile is screaming downhill and then flattens out for the last 1/3 mile.

Great organization and a super community event. Finished 6th OA and 1st AG in 18:15. Certainly slower than usual, but it was my first hard run after a 4 week holiday from running after a stress fracture. Good to see Tommy, Emily, Bob, Nils, Kel, and the rest of the Mixed Nuts out there.

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